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Panel chooses new emblem for Molalla High School

A recommendation for a new Molalla High School emblem will head to the school board soon as a result of a district committee's review last week of voting by the public and students. The committee represented more than a half dozen interest groups, and considered voting and comments from nearly a thousand submissions.

The final tally of results and the new design is being kept under wraps while a graphic artist that the district hired fine tunes the top designs. The committee is expected to present its recommendations to the board this month.

What is not expected to change is the high school’s team name, “Indians.” While the Oregon State Board of Education in 2012 banned the use of the name Indians after June 30, 2017, the Oregon legislature later created an exception that allows schools to continue using the name if they can find an Oregon tribe to enter into a written agreement sponsoring the district and if the Oregon Department of Education approves the agreement.

The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, with tribal lands west of Salem, voted last fall to allow Molalla High School to continue using the Indians name as long as tribal representatives and the school district can agree to terms that will be acceptable to the Department of Education.

The school district's superintendent plans to submit the designs to Grand Ronde representatives next week, and then travel to Grand Ronde to meet representatives when they consider approval this month. The superintendent will submit the final selections to the Molalla school board following Grand Ronde approval.

The graphics below show the MHS emblem that the state is requiring to be discontinued (top left), along with the four competing emblems that the district asked the public to vote on.

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