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Candidate deadline passes

As if it weren’t enough that we’re still being bombarded with 2016 election news, a 2017 election is fast approaching: the biannual election for seats in special districts around the Molalla area.

The deadline was March 16, 2017, to file for these positions on school boards, fire boards and other special bodies. The election date is May 16, 2017.

Below are candidates for Molalla-area positions who met the filing deadline. Names in bold italic type are candidates in contested races.

Molalla River School District

  • Jennifer Satter v. Leonard Sano (Position 6)

  • Calvin L. Nunn (Position 2)

  • Craig Loughridge (Position 5)

  • Mark Lucht (Position 3)

Molalla Fire District

  • Brian Lister (Position 5)

  • Todd Gary (Position 4)

Molalla Aquatic District

(Top 5 vote-getters will be elected)

  • Teresa Steinbock

  • Neal Lucht

  • Ralph Gierke

  • Claire M. Ferlan

  • Eileen Boss

  • Marilyn Bloch

  • Paula Beck

South Clackamas Transportation District

(Top 4 vote-getters will be elected)

  • Cristina Reynaga Montoya

  • Thomas D. Eskridge

  • (No candidate filed)

  • (No candidate filed)

Clackamas Community College

  • Michael D. McNichols v. Irene Konev (Zone 7)

Clackamas Educational Service District

  • Jon Eyman (Zone 4)

Clackamas County Fire District #1

  • Don Trotter v. Chris Hawes (Position 2)

  • Michael Morrow v. Terry John Gibson v. Jay Cross v. Steve Bates (Position 4)

Mulino Water District

  • Marnie D. Meuret (Position 1)

  • Roland M. Hege (Position 3)

  • Terry Anthony (Position 4)

© 2017, Craig Loughridge. Views are those of the author, and may not reflect the position of the school district, its board or employees.
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