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Why I ask for your vote:

  • To continue promoting adoption of policies that strengthen community ties and eliminate burdensome paperwork and fees.
  • To ensure responsible fiscal management and low taxes.
  • To expand course offerings for students.
  • To keep integrity and experience on the school board, and do everything possible to make every student a success.

Please read more about the issues our schools face, and where I stand...

Rising Costs

Skyrocketing expenses for employees' pensions and health care are threatening the viability of our public education system statewide. We need to reach consensus on real plans that are viable and innovative.

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Academic Improvement

Our district's schools provide an exceptional education compared to other schools of similar size, demographics and funding. I have worked hard with fellow leaders to improve those programs during the last four years...

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Obsolete Policies

Driven largely by state and federal mandates, policies have grown vastly longer and more numerous. Even trained linguists and lawyers have difficulty interpreting them. (Read More)

Local Control

Even when the legislature is out of session, state officials repeatedly impose restrictions and mandates – often without funding. I will continue working with the Oregon School Boards Association and local legislators to return more control of our schools to the local level.

Financial Stewardship

The district and its leaders need to be more conscientious spenders. I will fight to ensure that school leaders spend every dollar wisely.

© 2017, Craig Loughridge. Views are those of the author, and may not reflect the position of the school district, its board or employees.
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