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About Craig

I have been honored to serve students, parents, staff and taxpayers of the Molalla River School District for five years. Voters elected me in May 2013 after I was appointed to fill a vacancy in 2012.

Family PhotoMy family and I have lived here nearly 25 years, and all my children have grown up in our district’s schools. I first sought a position on the school board so I could do everything possible to make our good schools better—for everyone.

The facts speak for themselves. Under my leadership, the district’s staff, volunteers and board have continued to improve academic programs, facilities, athletics and afterschool activities. Click HERE to see some of my accomplishments.

I’m proud of these achievements, but they’re not enough. I ask for your vote so I can build on past successes, and continue pushing school leaders to give teachers and students the tools they need for a first-rate education at the lowest possible cost.

In addition to serving schools, I have a master's degree in business administration, and work in marketing and website design. I also have a real estate license and years of experience in project management, media relations, and nonprofit leadership.

Bridge BuildingThe nonprofit Molalla Community Builders selected me as project manager to complete the Bear Creek Byway bridge project, which opened early this year between Highway 211 and Toliver Road. I also served on the Clackamas County Emergency Medical Services Council from 2008 to 2016, and served as a volunteer firefighter and emergency medical technician in Clarkes and Molalla from 1995 to 2003.

Previously, I worked as a news reporter and a U.S. Navy translator. My bachelor’s degree is in journalism, with additional coursework in economics, Russian and East European Studies, emergency medicine, nonprofit governance, and literature.

© 2017, Craig Loughridge. Views are those of the author, and may not reflect the position of the school district, its board or employees.
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